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Are You Reaching Your Sales Goals This Year?

Usually, we get excited about setting goals at the end of each year and then, after January 1st, we start to slide and goal followup gets lost in doing all of our other sales activities.

This, of course, is not a good way to manage our businesses.

​ In a perfect world, you would consult with your goals on a monthly basis, tracking successes and failures and then resolving to repeat the things that worked and fix what caused us to fail at the last month.

Would be open to setting up a "Strategy Session" at our new Punta Gorda Starbucks where you and I could discuss your Business Plan for the months ahead, and see how I can assist you in any way?

Call me at 941-356-6579 if you want to get together over a coffee… I’m buying :)

​ You can download an excellent Goal Setting Challenge Workbook here.

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