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Buy Down and How It Works

With mortgage interest rates continuing to rise, that has many putting the brakes on buying a new home. But it doesn't have to! Have you ever heard of a buy down mortgage? Check out the video to find out how it works and how it could lead you to a Happy, Smooth, and On-Time Closing in the very near future.

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How Much Does It Cost...Really?

When it comes to buying a home, you know you have to shell out some moolah for the down payment. But there may be other upfront expenses you might not be aware of and unprepared for. Take a listen to the video to find out what those are and about a tool I offer that helps make budgeting for your dream home much easier.

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Credit and Qualifying for a Home Loan

Does one of your new year resolutions including buying your dream home? Before you begin the process, take a listen to this video to get a better understanding on how your credit score and history will come into play. Plus, if you've had financial missteps in the past, that doesn't mean you automatically won't qualify.

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Mortgage Insurance...Not a Bad Thing

One of the things I get asked about the most is mortgage insurance. Is it a scam? Should I have a bigger down payment to avoid it? Check out the video as I answer those questions and more and take a look at why it may actually be a benefit to you.

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Never Assume

You've likely heard the old saying about assuming something. That's especially true when buying a home. Take a listen to the video to find out why you should never assume anything about your purchase and other questions to ask up front.

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Arguing Gets You Nowhere

There's a reason we say "going through the loan process." It IS a process and, yes, additional unforeseen documentation may be required along the way. Take a listen to the video on why it's more beneficial to you to provide the requested documents vs arguing.

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Owning vs. Renting

Having you been putting off buying a home because you don't think you have a large enough down payment or worried about having to pay mortgage insurance? Take a listen to the video to find out why those fears and more may not be the obstacles you think they are to owning your dream home.

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Renting? DON"T Pay This Way!

Are you currently renting, but thinking about buying a home soon? Take a listen to the video to find out what does and doesn't work regarding monthly rental payments and how it could effect getting a mortgage.

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