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One-liner Openers To Stimulate Conversation...

One of the best attributes a Realtor can have is the ability to listen… and especially listen to the undertones and nuances of their conversation. ​

But sometimes, we’re lost for what to say or ask to get some back and forth going to build rapport and trust. ​

Here are some simple, conversational one-liner openers that you can use to help get started. ​

Hi XXX, I see you're interested in Port Charlotte houses. You should already have the link to this week's new listings.

Have you looked at any condos in Port Charlotte already?

Have you got a favorite neighborhood in Punta Gorda? What do you like about it the most?

I’ve been sending you the houses in Port Charlotte – would you like the list for Northport as well?

Do you like any other Punta Gorda neighborhoods too?

What's important about _________ to you?

There are a couple of brand new listings that just came out today... would you like me to send them to you?

I may have a couple of others that might work for you…

A lot of the bank owned/estate sale/tenanted homes just need a good cleaning and they’re ready to move right in.

Are you still looking for a home in Port Charlotte?

Quick question _____, are you looking for a house or a condo?

Are you currently renting?

Will this be your first time buying a home?

Where are you living now? Is that a house or an apartment?

When do you plan on moving?

When were you hoping to make this move?

If everything went perfectly for you, when would you like to be moved in to your new home? (then use rest of script... Not sure if you knew but a typical closing period from the time your offer is accepted until... )

In an ideal world, if everything were perfect, is there anything standing in the way of you and your new home besides finding it?

What area of Punta Gorda are you looking in?

What would be your ideal Port Charlotte neighborhood?

What point are you at in your home search?

What’s your timeline for buying?

Are you looking to move immediately or just looking around casually right now?

Are you looking seriously or just trying to get an idea?

Are you buying this property alone or with a significant other?

Have you talked to a lender about getting a mortgage pre-approval? I’d suggest you speak with Toby Lynn from The Mortgage Firm. She’s right here in Punta Gorda and we can count on what she says to get you a smooth, on-time closing.

She has an expert understanding of all the local loan issues to correctly guide you that someone from outside our area wouldn’t know about.

Would you be open to having a no-obligation conversation with her?”

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