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[SCRIPT] How To "Close" And Get The Listing Signed

Let's talk about SCRIPTS. ​

Specifically, how top agents transition from "educating" to "closing" and getting a signature.

​ You know what I'm talking about… the "awkward" strange time when most agents stumble on their words ... and lose the sale. ​

Have you ever been there? ​

You make this incredible listing presentation and the seller is hanging on your every word. They like your marketing plan and they agree to your price.

​ ... Wow! Let's stop there. If they agree to a saleable price, you are half way to that listing being sold. ​

They don't flinch when you mention your commission rate… it’s time to get excited.

​ Basically, they like you! Everything is going well. Then you go for the close... stumble bumble and they say "no".

​ Why? ​

Usually, it's because you said something "incongruent".

​ ... a fancy word for "out of character", "strange", "Inconsistent with your prior statements", "offensive", or "doesn't fit".

​ Often it's not what you say, but HOW you say it. Your voice rises (because you are nervous). You squint, look at them funny, then look away. You clear your throat (because it dried up with fear). ​

Mainly, it's because you don't know WHAT to say at that point.

​ For most agents, the "transition" to asking for the business is the hardest part. ​

Here are three "closings” that are simple, smooth, and seamless… and, if learned and practiced, you can say them with total confidence. ​

Here's how 3 top agents CLOSE for the listing signature:

1. "Are you ready to put me to work?"

​ Yep. Pretty simple. And super effective. This is from Patrick Tuttle who sold 80 homes last year.

2. "Are you ready to move forward and get your home on the market?"

Yep. Simple again. Direct and to the point. This is from Brian Maecker who sold 235 homes last year (75% were sellers). ​

3. "Can you see how a combination of marketing and systems is going to allow us to sell your home faster and for top dollar?"

Yep. A little more meat. But simple, clear, and easy to say. This is from Chantel Ray who is on track to sell 1,300 homes this year. ​

Notice how each one is a simple CLOSE-ENDED question ... looking for a simple "Yes" or "No".

When you hear a "yes", you are done. Get excited. When you hear a "no", you determine and answer their objections and stalls.

​ Here is the best part. According to the top agents, the typical answer is YES. That's it. Done. Simple and painless.

YOUR HOMEWORK: Pick one of the 3 Close Questions above ... and incorporate it into your next listing presentation. ​

These "listing secrets” are from Mike Cerrone of Master Mind Agent - Listing Agent Playbook

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