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Ever At A Loss For What To Say?

Are there past clients in your database who you haven’t spoken to for some time now? Are you a bit embarrassed to give them a call after so much time has passed?

​ If this is you, you need to suck it up and give them a F.O.R.D call… and make it a quarterly or semi-annual routine. ​

F.O.R.D stands for family, occupation, recreation and dreams. If you focus on asking questions from any or all of those topics, you’re sure to have a fruitful conversation and a chance to bond again with your clientele. ​

Attached is a F.O.R.D Dialogue Script from Workman Success Systems that will give you some inspiration as to what to ask. ​

Remember, don’t make it ‘all about getting a referral’… ask questions, listen, tell them an ‘evidence of success’ story perhaps about a client who you’ve just helped, talk about how well their transaction went and leave off by asking “Have you heard any of your friends talking about real estate recently?” and see how they respond.

​ FINALLY, set time aside 2-3 times per week to make those F.O.R.D calls... your bank account will thank you :)

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